Monday, June 27, 2011

FOUND ! - Message from Cobba in Wodonga via Rats Cafe

Hi all

Had a phone call from a fella today who said he knew where my bike was. The info had been passed onto the local police.
I called them to confirm they had recieved the info and it wasn't a hoax and was told they were just going out to investigate.
At the time of writing this I haven't actually heard back from the station, but I have taken a drive into town and stuck my head over the back of the station fence and recognised my bike in amoungst a heap of other stuff it the darkened shed.
Is showing signs of having had a fall. Not sure if just dropped while being moved or at speed, but there is obvious damge to the front fairing area.
The truth will come tomorrow when I go into the station to look for myself but the main thing for now is it's been recovered.
Thanks to all for forwarding this on and telling others about it. Could you finish the rounds off with the good news too.
Thanks............. Cobba

Reward offered - Any info contact owner.