Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A few of the original Warragamba riders - Oberon - 1970's

                              STOCKY , DEWBOY , MORGO , RED ,  FATHEAD and WAYNE

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  1. Gday Red here
    Names as best as I can remember
    left to right standing
    Mark Cluff who I believe has passed away
    Greg Stockwell, Steve ? Fat man I thought this is Kieth Greehough and Wane took photo I could be wrong Our Fat ed Codds or Murry Livermore
    Breeze I think he had a nice lill french lass as a girlfriend
    then in middle is Morgo shane morgan
    Daile Turner beside Me and Whisky Fat mans brother
    thankyou for posting this Nisso Ive none of any photos of the old days with they fantastic olmate
    If anyone could copy some for me to show my kids that would be good yeah
    Red Amor 0362642000 home
    0408 348 232